//An article about our exhibition @ ICA NYU Shanghai 我們在上海紐約大學ICA展覽的報導文章//

//An article about our exhibition @ ICA NYU Shanghai 我們在上海紐約大學ICA展覽的報導文章//

The title of the exhibition also functions as directions for the audience. “I wish for the audience to be able to suspend their disbelief and make space for a miracle of magical thinking,” said Lin. “We can close our eyes to see more, and turn off our brains to know more.”

Shamanic practices brought Chen and Lin together in the first place. They first met in 2015, when Chen was working on a different art exhibition. They did not reconnect until three years later, when Lin heard an inner voice telling her to look for Chen.

“I didn’t even remember her name,” Lin said.

The two met again — coincidentally, just a week after Chen’s first Ayahuasca ceremony — and later Chen attended one of Lin’s shamanic workshops.

“Lin is my teacher and shaman,” Chen said.

That same year, the pair began collaboration on Sonic Driving. Chen found it fruitful to integrate the shamanic workshops with her art. “Other than exhibiting artwork as I normally do, having the audience experience the shamanic journeys is one of the most important factors in this project,” she said.




薩滿的道路一百個人會有一百個不同的風景,而且本該如此,薩滿與秘術師理解日常事務之外的世界,這能力無法被社會收編繼續閱讀 “//薩滿的巫路地圖:薩滿的宇宙觀//"